Meet the Team


Amy Eskridge

President, Co-Founder, Chairwoman


"You can accomplish things in your life that no one else in the whole world can. All you have to do is throw yourself at a worthy mission that's so big and out of your league that, while others may be just as capable of achieving it as you are with hard work and dedication... they never will. Because they're too scared to even try. And you aren't."


Dick Reeves

COO, Business Development Director, Vicechair

"As a teenager I asked my Dad why he spent so much of his time serving on our local school board, member of the Rotary Club, etc.  His response set me on a course for the rest of my life:  'Those who have the ability to lead others MUST do so,' he said.  'If they fail to lead, they will deserve their fate at the hands of the incompetents who will rush in to fill the leadership vacuum that they have created by their absence.'"


Richard Eskridge

Research and Development Director, Co-Founder, Board Member

"It's the best feeling on Earth when the right part explodes and the wrong part doesn't."


Major General Steve Schmidt (USAF, Retired)

Governmental Relations Director


Joshua Crumbaugh

Cybersecurity and Blockchain Director



Kathy Eskridge

Operations Manager



Bill Dent

Senior Scientist


Paul Handy

Senior Scientist, Co-Founder, Board Member