The Institute is organized into Departments representing its general functions. The roles, responsibilities and assets of each Department and their respective Divisions are detailed in the sections below.

 Operations Department


Marketing Department

 Research and Development Department

Research and Development is a strong core competency of The Institute, with vast skill sets in multiple advanced fields of study. Our R&D Department is headed up by The Institute's Research and Development Director, Richard Eskridge, and is organized into the following Divisions listed below.


Commercialization Department

The Commercialization Department is run by The Institute’s COO and Business Development Director Dick Reeves. Mr. Reeves has operated technology-focused business incubators and has organized related investor networks for over 25 years in the southeast US. This Department is responsible for performing The Institute’s Business Case Triage Process and for taking qualified technologies to the commercial market once handed off from our Research and Development Department as a result of passing our Technical Triage Process. The Commercialization Department is organized into the following Divisions.

Public Benefit Corporation