About Us


is The Institute’s desire to make possible what is currently outside the current scope of man’s technological capability - the safe, comfortable and persistent presence of human civilization outside of our planet Earth. There are currently in place profound technological barriers that require paradigm shifting advancement in multiple fields of study to make this happen. The advanced and exciting "Star Trekian" future we imagine ourselves in tomorrow won't just happen by itself... it's up to us to invent the future, today.


is to significantly accelerate humanity's current rate of innovation to a pace that more rapidly expands our civilization’s technological capabilities. Paradigm shifts are often surprisingly simple to discover or invent, but the mature implementation of the shift usually requires a long and expensive path to deployment. This goal therefore requires a unique funding strategy. We must tap revenue streams from the many foundational earth-based markets of today which are in desperate need of innovation to fund the technology development needed for space exploration tomorrow. 


is an economically sustainable model that develops the necessary paradigm shifting core technologies needed in the long term for space exploration by applying early iterations of those same technologies to well understood terrestrial problem sets. The Institute thereby aims to increase the health, quality of life and economic potential of the people of Earth while opening up early revenue generation that will sustain further development of the fully mature space exploration capability.

"Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground" – Teddy Roosevelt

From the heart of the city that first took Americans to the moon, The Institute is a for-profit, privately held and independently run research institute and startup studio located in Huntsville, AL. The Institute funnels the advanced technologies in development for tomorrow’s space economy into the earth-borne commercial markets of today. This model is intentionally designed to rapidly and sustainably push forward the present boundaries of propulsion, materials science, energy, communications, and other core technologies that are needed for the long-term exploration of space by first applying the early iterations of those same advanced technology classes to the many critical near-term industry pain points looking for solutions here on earth today.

Building the space economy of tomorrow...

This platform is intended to stabilize and amplify the development of early stage space technologies, a class of investments currently perceived as being an intrinsically high risk, albeit high reward, category. The Institute strategically mitigates the obvious economic risk of developing early stage technologies for the emerging market of space exploration, a market which is admittedly yet to be well defined, via the establishment of early revenue streams by solving well understood problems in established markets on earth. A key intent of this platform is to attract a wider variety of both traditional and nontraditional capital providers into this young but unapologetically ambitious, bordering on unabashedly sci-fi, new market known as the “commercial space economy” – an economy that we are participating in as it continues to define itself even now.

While improving human health and quality of life on earth today!